Sunday, February 26, 2012

With My Little Eye. .

These to me are a nice way to display your brushes but also so the bristles of them don’t get all bent out of shape, cause I know I have been in a hurry and just shoved them in my makeup case, only to open it the next morning to find the bristles in every direction they couldn’t be going in.

I’m all about doing things on a budget because I know not everybody has money at their disposal to always go buy something because I know I don’t. I seem to always gravitate towards DIY things for 3 reasons:  1. Being the fact that you can usually make if for half the cost. 2. It gives me something to do and to challenge myself 3.No one is going to have the same one I have, its going to be different. 

All the product in the pictures where all purchased at the dollar tree (except for the brushes)

Of course if you're willing to spend more money you can always go to Michaels and get these things there. I made a bigger brush holder for my bathroom with products from Michaels only because I wanted it to match my bathroom better. My personal one is pictured below. Michaels does have a better selection of beads to use and they vary in size



  1. Great tip! I should try this for my brushes :)
    xo Emilie

  2. I am so glad you liked it. Its something really fun and decorative to do! I checked out your page, you have really great stuff one their!