Wednesday, March 7, 2012

February Favorites!

 Yes to Cucumbers  – I love these things. I keep them on back up now literally one is open and another is in the cabinet waiting lol! I love the way these feel on my skin, they are very cooling and refreshing. I also love the fact that they are for sensitive skin and that’s always a plus!

Sonia Kashuk RemoveThis is probably one of my favorite make up removers of all time. I can have super dark make up on and use this with a cotton ball and you can’t see anything left on my eyes. Nothings I have ever bought compares to this. I think everyone needs to try it at least once!

Pantene Fine Anti Breakage Detangler – I really like this as a detangler. I let it sit in my hair before a brush it out and I really do see a difference in how easy it is to brush my hair. For the price I think it’s a great buy. Also I just want to clear it up that this doesn’t fix existing breakage, this product only minimizes getting more of it.

Kenra Platinum Silking Gloss – If you guys can get your hands on this, then you need too. This gives amazing SHINE and gets rid of those awful fly aways! This product can get pretty pricey but one pump is all you need and you’re good. This bottle can last you awhile.

Fancy by Jessica Simpson – Other than the fact I’m in LOVE with these smell. I wear it every day and even have the roller ball kind in my purse for a quick touch up. I get compliments on these all the day. If you get the chance to smell it or even purchase it I don’t think you would be disappointed I have already bought it 3 times and I finally just ordered the 3 oz from Amazon.

Shaun White Gum –  I’m sure it’s not normal to have gum in a favorites post but I want it to be everything I am favoriting this month and this happens to be a go to for me in my purse at all times. This has just the right amount of mint in it and it last a long time haha!

Body Butter Scrub Coconut – I got this in the begin of the month (February) in a two pack for like 5 bucks at Target. I was so excited to take a shower that night and try it and I have to say it’s amazing. I actually feel like my body is getting clean because I can feel the grains in it and I think for me in my head it makes me think the dirt is getting scrubbed away. After I’m done in the shower my skin feels really clean and soft. This is definitely something I will keep buy maybe just switch up the scents.

Glam Eye’s Mascara Rimmel London – If you want a “clump” free mascara this is definitely one to try. You get perfect lashes with it, literally! I have had people ask me if I’m wearing fake lashes and I never wear them. This is a MUST try.

My Favorite Lip Balm –  When I see anything that says “ My Favorite . . .” I usually end up trying it to see if its really even a good product. I have got to say this one didn’t disappoint! I found it to be a lip balm but also there is some gloss to it and I really like that it’s a two in one for me. I will definitely pick this up again at Bath and Body Works.


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