Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY: Brown Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub

Brown Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub

I made a few different kinds of Lip Scrubs last night, just putting things together to really just and find the best combination I could. I really do think I found it, at least for myself. I really hope you guys try it, it was so easy to make and again all of the ingredients I got at the dollar store except for the extra virgin olive oil.

All you need is:
White Sugar
Brown Sugar
Vanilla Extract
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Small Container

You are going to want to start off with 2 spoon full’s of white sugar and then 1 spoon full of brown sugar, then you will add ½ a spoon full of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ½ a spoon full of Vanilla Exract then 1 spoon full of honey it should look something like this

You will then begin to mix all the ingredients together to get to this texture

At this point you will want to put your mixture in your small container

Now you are going to place this in the fridge for an hour or so to let it all set up and when you take it out it should look something like this

I hope you guys enjoy this; it was so simple and easy to make. You are making a scrub that can cost up to 20 dollars or more in a store and you can make it for under 10 dollars or less, and even make it a few times with all the products I got from the dollar tree. I am even pretty sure; if you looked around the house you would have some if not all of the items. Oh the containers came in a 10 pack for a dollar.

Is this somethings you would want to make?!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dream Bouncy Blush Review!

Dream Bouncy Blush 05 Fresh Pink

I have heard mix reviews about this blush and I really wasn’t sure what to think of it. So when I went to Walgreens and they were having their 50% off every other product by Maybelline, I really couldn’t beat it so I got it. Well I hate to say this but I am so not impressed with it at all. In order to really get the color you need to build layer upon layer to even see it. The blush its self is like a sponge type texture which I really don’t understand. When you put your finger on the blush and you push down it causes the blush to mold to your finger but it doesn’t bounce back up. So I don’t understand why they call it bounce haha! I really can’t say that I would recommend this to anyone, but below is a picture of one (1) swipe of the blush and next to it is five (5) swipes of it. Have you used this blush? What are your guys thoughts about it?!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

With My Little Eye. .

These to me are a nice way to display your brushes but also so the bristles of them don’t get all bent out of shape, cause I know I have been in a hurry and just shoved them in my makeup case, only to open it the next morning to find the bristles in every direction they couldn’t be going in.

I’m all about doing things on a budget because I know not everybody has money at their disposal to always go buy something because I know I don’t. I seem to always gravitate towards DIY things for 3 reasons:  1. Being the fact that you can usually make if for half the cost. 2. It gives me something to do and to challenge myself 3.No one is going to have the same one I have, its going to be different. 

All the product in the pictures where all purchased at the dollar tree (except for the brushes)

Of course if you're willing to spend more money you can always go to Michaels and get these things there. I made a bigger brush holder for my bathroom with products from Michaels only because I wanted it to match my bathroom better. My personal one is pictured below. Michaels does have a better selection of beads to use and they vary in size


Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's My Year, Is It Yours?!

OPI It's My Year

I’m in love with this color at the moment, and I have never been one for glittery nail polishes at all. In the bottle it looks to be a pink with gold shimmer glitter but when it’s on your nail it looks more of a pink with purple and gold undertones in it. I used this color to paint of my nails, and I had white underneath and it came out to a pretty purple hue with a gold shimmer. When you’re in the sun more of the purple starts to stand out and when you move your hand or your toes you see the gold come alive.